Surviving allergy season

Garrett Sturgill, Reporter

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Allergy season is here and it’s hitting a lot of people harder than normal. According to local reports, there has been a high count of pollen, causing those who are hypersensitive to have a wide range of reactions.

“My allergies have been terrible this season,” said sophomore Taylor Holliger. “I usually don’t have much of a reaction to pollen but it has been almost attacking me,” Hollinger said. “Last week I lost my voice because of my allergies, my throat was so itchy and not even water was helping my throat. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and nothing worked,” the sophomore claimed.

Other students are also feeling similar effects. “My throat has felt scratchy for a while now,” junior Christian David’s said. “I don’t really recall ever having allergies until this season. I remember seeing pollen flying everywhere when I hit a tree branch, it freaked me out,” David’s said. “I’m technically new to the whole allergy thing but I have attempted to prevent the scratchy throat and such, but it never actually worked, “the junior added. He said that he has taken medicine which was prescribed by his doctor, but his allergies “are still being set off.”

While people are suffering, there are things that can be done to help reduce the effects of spring irritants, including itchy eyes, and much more. “I usually use nasal spray. It takes about ten minutes to kick in but when it does I feel like I can breathe,” junior Alex Singleton said. “I have had terrible headaches this season but when my doctor prescribed me nasal spray I figured it wouldn’t work but it really has. Go see your doctor for a prescribed medication,” she added.

“Whenever it’s windy outside, and dry, that’s usually when pollen is lurking,” junior Bayley Garcia said. “I don’t really suffer from allergens like pollen but my brother does and he usually uses a saline nasal rinse and that pretty much eases his throats congestion throughout the day. Obviously there isn’t a permanent cure for allergies but a nasal rinse definitely helps him,” he added. Another solution he recommended was that after being outdoors, immediately take off the clothing you had so the pollen doesn’t track you down in your home.

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Surviving allergy season