Going the extra mile

KENDALL SCHUBERT, Business Manager

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     Day One: Giving a compliment 

      Somedays people need a little boost of confidence and you may not even realize it. Tell your friends they look pretty, even when they are in sweats and a hoodie. I went around and complemented people on not just their appearance but on their personality as well. The way they would light up and smile made me feel like I’m doing something good. Some would even return with a compliment towards me, which made me feel appreciated. The little things really help improve a day.

     Day Two: Making dinner for my family

     As a child, you expect your parents to take control of what will be eaten for dinner. This day, I took control. I made my family breaded chicken, broccoli and cheese with a side of bread. They were all happy and pleased that I took the time to make dinner for them. It gave my parents time to relax, which I know they don’t get a lot of time to do that.  It’s rewarding to see your parents proud for the littlest things. 

     Day Three:  Giving advice

     Helping a friend or family member in hard times is something everyone does in their lifetime. I love helping and advising people and going out of my way to make them feel better. Seeing them work things out with the help of my advice makes me feel accomplished. The feeling of knowing that people trust in me and what I have to say is such a rewarding feeling. 

     Day four: Using only reusable items 

     Today’s world is suffering from plastic and pollution. It’s becoming a major life-threatening problem. Using reusable bags, water bottles, etc. is a small help towards making the world a cleaner place. 

      Day five: Donating clothes

     This past weekend I went through my brother’s dressers and mine and put all our old clothes in bags. It took some time but we had six trash bags full of clothes to donate to charity and good will. It’s always a nice thing to give  away the things that aren’t needed anymore to those who do need it. 

      Overall, gratitude week really helped me open my eyes on the amount of good simple acts can do. It’s important to check in on those you care about and to reach out to those who don’t have people. The earth needs as much love and care as the people on it. Do the extra step and make a difference.

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