Salisbury doctor helps those in need; NH graduate makes a difference


Dr. Brian Desaulniers, MD is an Emergency Medicine Specialist in Salisbury, Maryland. Dr. Desaulniers has traveled worldwide to help and care for his patients. Dr. Desaulniers attended North Harford High School and is working as a doctor now. After getting a chance to talk to Dr. Brian, a lot of insight on his job and experience was made clear.

     Dr. Desaulniers started working as an EMT when he knew he wanted to become a doctor. He says, “I wanted to become a doctor because I really enjoy the excitement and helping people. Through my journey, I decided I not only wanted to be a doctor but work in emergency medicine.” Dr. Desaulniers attended Washington College, University of Maryland, and University of South Carolina. At his time attending these colleges, Dr. Desaulniers says he decided he wanted to do Emergency Medicine instead of becoming an EMT. 

     The Doctor says one of the things that intrigued him about going into the medical field was the science classes he took at North Harford. He said he has always been interested in science classes throughout high school and they are definitely one of the reasons he decided to go into college learning about sceince. 

     Dr. Desaulniers has traveled to several places on some sorts of “mission trips”, he says they are not religiously related but everything he did was for free and was to help out the people in need. The health professional says, “I enjoyed helping the people in need and I liked experiencing all of the different cultures.” All of the doctor’s work was pro bono, which means he performed everything he did for free.

     Dr. Desaulniers speaks on Covid-19 and how it is tough to be working during this time. He says, “It is very challenging especially being in and around it all day every day.” The Doctor agrees that it is a rough time and no one wants to be put through this, but he knows he is willing to help the people in need.