Science National Honors Society takes off; Students getting back into lab

Grace Feldbush, Social Media/Event Coordinator

     Science National Honors Society is run by Mrs. Christine Jestel with Mrs. Kimberly Harris, and Mrs. Patricia Massetti by her side.  

     Jestel explains they are different from other honors societies because they do not do tutoring hours. “We are more about promoting science knowledge being shared in the community,” Jestel explains.  

     Jestel says one thing they do is bring in people with science professions to explain their profession with members of the group and teach them more than they might not learn in a classroom. 

      “We also organize a STEM night for elementary schoolers,” Jestel explains. She says each member designs an individual station hands on science activity for the scholars to do and learn about.  

  “STEM night is our main way of bringing in science to the community,” Jestel states. An unweighted GPA of 3.0 across all classes, and an unweighted GPA of 3.5 for science classes is required to be in the club according to Jestel. She also explains there is an application process to get in and you are required to attend all the once-a-month meetings held.  

     “If you are an officer in the club you must present during the year about something different, and interesting in the science world to all the members,” Jestel says. She also explains there are many positions you can have, and some include president, vice president, treasurer, and historian.  

     Jestel also thinks that “the cords they get at graduation are the best ones, they look like Mardis Graswhich is the best part of this club.”  

     Jestel is looking forward to getting the club up and running since shutting down from the lockdown. She believes students are excited to jump back into it.  

  Senior Jamie Kavanagh, a member of the club, states she has grown up loving science. She explains she wants to continue studying science in college. She believes this club will help her grow her love for science and to attain more knowledge about science.  

  Kavanagh has not found out what role she has but is, “very excited to find out.” She says Jestel has been a huge role model for her in the science world.  

     According to senior Grant Maxa, he joined the club to be able to participate in STEM night, along with joining because it looks so good on college applications. He says to make sure he got in, he tried to keep A’s and B’s in all his classes.  

     “I cannot wait to make a project for everyone to see on STEM night,” Maxa states. He is also excited for the guest speakers and presentations from other members.