View on America changes; perspectives altered after election


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November 8, 2016, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America. It is hard to believe almost a year has gone by,  but it is clear that our country and the view of our country has dramatically changed in that time.
Before the election, America was viewed as a country accepting of a wide variety of people, religions, and lifestyles.
Just the fact that in 2008, America elected its first African American president in history says enough. We were accepting and wanted to make changes that would not only benefit our country, but would change the standards and precedents worldwide.
In Obama’s eight year term, he was able to get America back on their feet again. He ended the 2008 recession, reformed health care, finalized an international climate agreement, won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, was the second best job creator in history, ended the war in Iraq, supported LGBT rights for marriage equality, all things that reflect a culture and climate of doing right by the American people.
From the day Trump took the role as the leader of our country, it appears the view on America has changed. We are now viewed as racist, unaccepting, judgemental people who crave power and control.
During Trump’s first week in office, he signed an executive order to temporarily block travel from seven Muslim countries and to suspend the nation’s refugee program.
Add to that Trump continued to say, “We’re Going to Build a Wall,’ It ‘Will Go Up So Fast Your Head Will Spin.” This comment was offensive to some Americans and many people in other countries, immediately causing unnecessary conflict.
Trump has set the stage so that it appears that America is not concerned about long term effects of our decisions, and that we are against people of different backgrounds, different skin colors, and different races. He has made it appear to countries around the world as well as to our own citizens that these people are not like us and that they should not be given the same opportunities that we are.
Additionally, Trump’s stance on climate change to stiffening relationships with North Korea, has permanently altered the view other countries have on America and its citizens, and not in a positive way.
Jeanne Pavard, a French exchange student who came to North Harford in the 2016-2017 school year came to America with a positive attitude and excitement.
After returning to France early in the summer, she later posted a picture on Instagram with a caption that read:
“I came to America in August 2016. For the rest of the world and me, it was the the land of the free, the country where everything was possible and where everyone had a chance to live their lives the way they wanted. It was probably not entirely true even at the time, but that’s how most of the world saw it. I left America and came home a month ago, and I can already tell that the image of America has changed. Over the course of one year, and because of one President, America has turned into a hateful, transphobic, sexist and racist country. Trump has enhanced what was the worst in some people, and he made them believe that Harris and violence were acceptable. However, I’m sure the America I love isn’t dead. Lots of people are standing against the violence, and all I can do is hope that more people will stand up. America will always remain in my heart the country where love and acceptance are more important than hatred and power.”
Pavard is just one person in one country, who feels and sees the difference, but she is not alone in her concerns.
All we can do is work with what we’ve got. We will have better presidents and we will have worse, but that doesn’t change the fact that each and every one of us has an obligation to reflect in our daily lives the very things that make America great— kindness, generosity, acceptance.


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View on America changes; perspectives altered after election