A year without vine

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A year without vine

Jessica McGowan, Reporter

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 Vine was the most pure and wholesome social media ever in existence. Instagram is about the likes. Twitter is about the retweets. But Vine…Vine was about the laughs.

    I remember the first time I opened my Vine account. The year was 2010. My dad allowed ten year old Jessica to log on and my world was changed forever. I found new, funnier videos than ever before.

    Flash forward to January 17, 2017. Twitter released the statement that shocked the online community forever. Vine was gone. No longer could we spend our time scrolling through six second videos of comedic gold. No longer could we listen to “welcome to Chili’s” for hours and hours on repeat. I boycotted Twitter for 2 months after the announcement. How could Twitter take away something so important to me, to the culture of American society? I mean, vine was iconic. I quote Vines constantly, they’re a part of my everyday conversations.

    The world has been lost without Vine to keep us safe. My life has become a complete and utter mess. My mental health? Deteriorating. My grades? Dropping. My sleep? Lacking. If you type “rip Vine” into Youtube, about 2,290,000 results show up. Since about 323,100,000 people live in the US, approximately 70 percent of Americans have posted Vine compilations. Now I’m not to good at math, but that seems like I am not the only girl in America that feels this way.

    But as of Wednesday, December 6, 2017, we no longer have to wallow in our sadness. Dom Hofmann, the founder of Vine,  tweeted out a single phrase, “v2”. To the average Joe, this has no significant meaning. But to me, a self entitled Vine enthusiast, this means Vine. Is. Back.

    Now we are in the future. What will v2 entail? Here is my prediction; New Vine will have a similar format, you can still like and comment and post at your own free will with little change to the design. v2 will still be the v1 we love.

    There is only one thing I hope for. Everyone knows the annoying viners, “Dem White Boyz”, “The Gabbie Show”, and so on. I think they should not be invited back. It’s really nothing against them, it’s just if I see another Jake Paul Vine I might cry.

    But, all in all, I’m very excited with the arrival of Vine. The original tweet announcing v2 has 10.7 thousand replies and 195 thousand retweets. The world awaits the new content, new creative voices and young people that come with Vine.

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A year without vine