Keep on drivin



     Long car rides are never ending. Highway after highway. McDonald’s after McDonald’s. You sit for so long your butt starts to fall asleep, and well, that is an uncomfortable feeling.

     Trust me I know. Sitting in car with only so many games to play, and movies to watch, it just gets boring. It’s so dull,  you will pick up the book your mom made you bring and read it. And it’s only been two hours. 

     Fast food gets old, fast. With the same chicken nuggets and gross burgers from the various places you’ve pulled over to go pee in because your mom has two sips of her soda and is going to burst any moment. 

     So, you decide to try sleeping. But if you’re like me that doesn’t work. Being a light sleeper in a car isn’t exactly the best way to catch to z’s. Your dad is a swervy driver and the road is too bumpy. And for goodness sakes how many times can one person hit their head on the window before they get concussed. 

     Your little sister won’t stop kicking and whining, while you sit and swear you’re going to tear your hair out. Your annoying older brother won’t stop putting his freakishly long legs in your personal bubble. He’s determined to make you as miserable as possible, that’s what brothers are for. 

     After what you swear is forever, you reach the destination. You finally get to go to a real bathroom and not in a cramped public restroom. You get the promise of real food, which your stomach is longing for. But, the peace and quiet and comfort of knowing you get to escape your older brother’s harassment and your baby sister’s whining is even more wonderful. 

     But for what it’s worth, the journey is always worth the destination. No matter how long and how cruel it may seem. 

     Life will never go by perfect and seamless. There will be bumps and there will be crappy bathrooms and annoyances throughout your whole life. You’ll get knocked in the head and pissed off more times then you’ll be able count. 

     Your annoying siblings will always be annoying, maybe just not as much. You learn and you grow with every journey you take. The destination may not always be bliss and beautiful. But it will be worth the torture you endured from it.