Microwaves needed in school cafeteria

CAITLYN ALLEN, News editor


    When you’re sitting at lunch, do you ever just wish you could indulge in your grandmother’s homemade chicken noodle soup, or splurge on a warm toaster strudel, or pamper yourself with your left-over dinner from last night? And don’t forget that warm morning coffee to start your day.

     Well, I do too.

     But we can’t.

     Schools don’t have microwaves that students can use. So that soup, or snack, meal or anything else you want hot, you can’t have. 

     So, you bring the same old peanut butter and jelly sandwich every single day you’ve been in school, including your elementary school days.

     I don’t know about you, but I don’t like many cold foods. I like enjoying my meals warm and tasty. If I had pizza last night, I’m going to want my pizza warm at school the next day.

     The things I bring to school aren’t even lunch; they consist of a granola bar, yogurt, and an apple. 

     I want REAL FOOD.

     You may say you can use a thermos and there you go. I tried that, and when I got to

school, my Spaghettios were cold.

     This was a very depressing day.

  And you should know that coffee is a must for me every morning. I take it to school every day. However, sometimes when I get to school it is ice cold and I can’t have the caffeine I need to get me through the day. If we had microwaves, I could come in, heat it up, fuel my coffee-induced energy, and have a great day.

   And if your family is like mine, there’s not much to choose from in the way of food to take to school.  When I try to pack my lunch, it takes me 30 minutes to find something I can actually put together. But, if we just had some nice Chinese food for dinner last night and we have extras, I can easily put that in a container and boom: I have lunch for the next day.

     Except eating cold Chinese food is gross.

     So, please consider allowing microwaves to be added to our cafeteria. You will make an entire population of hungry students grateful.