Doing everything to get nothing

Grace Feldbush, Social Media/Event Coordinator

     How many times have you heard our school talk about mental health, how you should take it seriously, speak up if you need help, and how they always promise there is a solution. I have heard it multiple times. I know you have too.  

      This school will do anything to make it look like they help students with anxiety, depression, and any issues students may come across. They pretend like they care about us, care about our well-being, when in reality any time a student speaks up, they are pushed away like they never even made a peep.  

      Schools do all this stuff to put on a front that they care about these issues by having mental health surveys, wellness events, positive quotes around the school, and things like that. If they really cared so much, they would make sure their guidance office staff was at least polite to students.  

     I have never tried to switch out of a class before. This year I realized how much this one class was affecting me negatively and wanted to make a change. My body was telling me this class was not good for me and I was listening to my body. I needed to switch out for my own good. 

      I did not just speak up, I cried out for help, to multiple people. You might ask me if the issue was solved. It was not. I am not one to fuss over insignificant things. I usually fix my issues myself. I normally have an I do not give a you know what type of attitude about most things. When my parents saw how upset I was over this they were shocked.

      After going to administration about it myself and them not doing anything about it I involved my parents. Even after that, there was still nothing. I came to multiple people in administration at our school for help to solve the issue. To think I talked to over five people and none of them cared enough to help me find a solution, it was a shock. 

      Every night before I had this class, every morning sitting in my car listening to Taylor Swift to boost my mood, it did nothing, it made me sad. I was sad every time I thought of this class, every time it was mentioned. I do not like how much this one class affects my mood.  

     When I tell them it is affecting my mental health, I feel sad before the class, and when I am crying in front of the whole office staff, you would think they would see there is a problem. A problem that needs to be solved.  

      No, they don’t have time for real problems if you were still hoping for a happy ending. I’m still left to deal with this emotional baggage I carry to class every day alone. I bet if they read this article, they will be mad about me calling them out. They won’t think, oh this poor girl we should help her because it is our fault. Anger is most likely the only thing they will feel for me outing them for everyone to see.  

      Fix the issue, make a solution possible.  

      I blame the school for the place I am in right now mentally.