Crystals, manifestation, salt lamps, cause false hope; Flawed wellness treatments taking people’s money

KIMBERLY EDGAR, Entertainment Editor

    Manifestation has become a tool of self-help in order to make someone’s wish come true. This concept has become popular across social media, typically being associated with “healing crystals.”

     It does no harm to have faith in something, nor does it do any harm to believe that “manifesting” something is actually accurate. But really, when it comes down to it, it is all in your head. 

    In reality, rewriting a certain phrase or wish that you want to come true on a page will not make it happen. That is foolish to believe, it is simply in place as a motivator. 

     There are no scientific findings that simply thinking positively leads to positive things happening for you. Manifestation is different for every person because it is something made up in order to trick your mind into being motivated. It doesn’t manipulate fate and it doesn’t materialize your true destiny. 

     In addition, some may believe that crystals have extreme healing capabilities. The company Goop believes that crystals are, “critical in the pursuit of health, wellness, and deep spirituality.”

      It’s a rock. The only power that it holds is the power that people give it. According to, scientific evidence proves that crystals have absolutely no power besides a placebo effect. 

     A placebo effect is “when a person’s physical or mental health appears to improve after taking a placebo or ‘dummy’ treatment,” says the Better Health Channel. “Placebo is Latin for ‘I will please’ and refers to a treatment that appears real, but is designed to have no therapeutic benefit.” 

     The same idea can be applied to “smart” stickers that are meant to heal or aid in sleep. There are people that are dead set on believing a sticker is a form of medication. 

     Himalayan salt lamps are another form of mindfulness, and they do absolutely nothing. They are said to improve your mood and air quality while provoking sleep. In reality “the way that salt crystals are chemically constructed means that the only way to get the crystals to produce these ions would be to heat them to 816℃,” says“Given that level of heat would most likely burn down your house, you are unlikely to experience health benefits from generating ions that way.” 

     It is sickening how easily social media can drive foolish ideas. All it takes is an influencer to support it or a celebrity starring in the advertisements for it. Stupidity becomes genius through the millions of social media posts in the matter of minutes. 

     All of these “wellness treatments” do absolutely nothing, and it is foolish to think otherwise. From writing a phrase a million times on paper to slapping a sticker on your wrist, it doesn’t matter. It is all a joke and nobody is laughing. Open your eyes and face reality instead of blindly listening to people you don’t even know and creating foolish concepts in your minds.