‘iPad Kid’ generation becomes problem; Technology harms more than helps

Kimberly Allen, Reporter

     Every generation thinks the generation after them is the worst of the worst. We’ve all heard grandparents complain about ‘kids these days,’ but we do the same exact thing! The iPad kid generation or Gen Alpha is frightening to say the least.

     A lot of these kids have little to no manners. I’m talking throwing tantrums in stores and just being flat out rude. Some parents today don’t even watch their kids. I’ve seen parents at events with a glass full of alcohol while their little Tasmanian devil runs around. Bring back kids on leashes, they are out of control Oh, kids will be kids” says some parent of a snotty nosed kid screaming about not getting their way. Where is the discipline? In life we can’t simply get what we want, but how will they learn? 

     From day one kids today are born with the world at their fingertips. If you have younger brothers or sisters, you can probably see that they are glued to a greasy iPad. According to the CDC kids from 8-10 have an average of six hours of screen time a day, when it’s recommended to be at less than two hours a day. It’s a problem. Many of my peers, older adults, even myself, use the internet for hours upon hours to escape from school or work. What are kids escaping from? The tough world of the playgrounds? In a serious key though the internet is very harmful to everyone, especially kids. I would even argue that kids are being forced to grow up faster because of the internet. We are so advanced in technology today that there is no turning back but imagine what it would be like if kids could just be kids again.