Drama class continues virtually; Students build new skill sets

Mrs. Green, the Drama instructor.
She has taught both Drama and English for many years.

NHHS Staff

Mrs. Green, the Drama instructor. She has taught both Drama and English for many years.


      Virtual. Live stream. Internet issues. Computers.

This is what classes have been limited to during the Fall of the 20-21 school year. Certain classes such as Gym and Drama are pushed into a corner while they scramble to find a new way to teach their students.

“A big difference obviously is the fact that we are unable to perform live in person and collaborate the way we are used to- but we are finding ways around it.” says Nancy Green, the Drama teacher. For drama classes this year, she decided to focus more on different components of Drama like film. Green also mentions that the addition of “two live meetings” is very helpful compared to last spring.

Virtual art gets to take its turn this year as Green finds ways to create and show virtual art during live meetings instead of practicing more theatre related activities face to face. Green also emphasized that she was looking forward to a live comeback of High School Musical this year, but she is also prepared with a backup plan.

This new way of learning is nothing like the “normal” that students and teachers are used to, but Green says there are “both advantages and disadvantages to virtual learning,” and she feels, “given the time to actually master it together- all of us-and with the addition of the live meetings it’s only going to get better,” Green also feels as though it cannot be compared to in person learning because it is so different, the students are learning a new skill set this year that they never have before.

Not being face to face means it will be considerably harder to get to know fellow classmates and for the teachers to get to know their students, “it’s been a challenge for sure in Drama One- new students to NHHS and freshman are much more shy- but in Drama 2 and 3 everybody already knows me and most know each other so I feel like it’s more a struggle for Drama one to build an ensemble ethic virtually,” states Green.

Green says that the hopes for this year’s Drama students is and always will be  “that drama class can be a safe place that inspires, builds community and a strong ensemble, a fun bright spot in the day to look forward to- and a place to connect and create and share our art and passions for theatre!”