Social Media Change

Grace Feldbush, Reporter

     Cyber bullying, fame, and drama are all common things seen on most social media platforms. The media has changed from keeping up with friends and having fun, to rude comments and comparison between everyone. 

     According to Social Media Today the first social media site started in 1997 and it was called “six degrees.” The focus of this site was to make a profile with a photo of yourself and make new friends on the media. Two years later blogger sites became popular, which created more interest in social media to this day. 

    Social Media Today states that after blogging took off, social media blew up as more and more people used it every day. Other sites like “MySpace,” and “LinkedIn” became popular in the early 2000s. Photo sharing apps came out which made social media sites blow up even more. 

     According to Social Media Today when YouTube came out in 2005, it created a brand-new way for people to share things with each other from far away, and for people to communicate in a fun way. 

     Social Media Today found that in just 2006 Twitter and Facebook became available all over the world. These sites are still popular, almost 15 years later. Other apps like Spotify, Pinterest, and Tumblr began growing younger audiences immediately. 

     According to Social Media Today, today there are many social networking platforms, most can create an environment where users can reach millions of people without person-to-person communication. 

     Social Media Today thinks that the future of social networking in the next 100 years will likely go on, as long as humans are alive, unless something comes out that is bigger, and better. 

     “I think social media has a big impact on a lot of students at North Harford,” Kylee Testerman states. “Social media effects me every day, both in a negative and positive way.”

     Cyberbullying is a big factor in today’s social media platforms according to Stop Cyber bullying can occur in several ways, but the most common way is through apps. It isn’t always from someone you may know, even a stranger can cyber bully you. 

     According to Stop, the most common apps it happens on is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok. Some go so far; they will expose private information about you to cause embarrassment to anyone. 

     In conclusion, Social media can be used in a positive way, just as much as a negative way. According to Stop Laws in all states make schools mention cyber bullying, since it is such a big problem today, but that doesn’t stop people hiding behind technology, saying mean things to anyone, and everyone.