North Harford student creates clothing shop; business is booming



     North Harford senior Bridget Sawyers and her friend Carly Dorbert senior at Harford Tech recently…..   “Carly and I started it to just see how it would go and make some extra money while still having fun!” They started using this account and selling the clothes only months ago. Bridget created a business account on Instagram and created a good platform to get the news out that she was selling clothes.

      Bridget mentioned that she and Carly are good friends and they “hung out all the time and talked about which clothes to sell and upcycle.” 

     Bridget sells all different types of clothes like pants, shirts, skirts, and dresses. Anything she thinks people could use that she doesn’t need anymore! Bridget says, “Carly and I sell any of our old clothes or clothes we think could be upcycled and styled.” Bridget claims they have even bought things from thrift stores and sold them to be potentially upcycled by someone. 


     On the Instagram page, there are not always posts up. She posts clothes when she finds them or has old ones she knows she does not need. Once someone contacts her about wanting an item on clothing and they complete the transaction she then removes it from the website. Now it is a little harder to work with shipping or payments. Venmo and USPS are a huge help during this time.


     Bridget and Carly say that when they first started the business it was very slow. “We didn’t have many followers at first and we were not selling many items” After the slow long period Bridget says they sold over 10 items. Since this business has been doing good for the two of them Bridget says they plan on making a jewelry business too. They will sell necklaces and rings all handmade from different types of resources and materials. Bridget and Carly  said they worked hard but had fun making this business and are hoping their jewelry business will do as well as this has gone so far. 


     Bridget says, “I am very excited about opening up and I hope people can find something they like and we will be successful.” If you want to know more about her clothing store check it out @bridgeclothes, and if you want to get in contact with Bridget or Carly directly their Instagrams are @bridgetsawyers and @carlydorbert