Love is in the air; Students define love

Grace Feldbush, Reporter

     Love is gross right? Some might think that. Little do they know, love can lead to a happy, full life.  

     “Love is all you need.” A 75-year long study by Harvard researchers suggests that love is indeed key to a happy and fulfilling life,” Psychology Today states. According to Psychology Today, many people crave falling in love, not having an idea what it is really like.  

     “To me, love means being there for others, telling them every day that you love them no matter what the situation is,”  Hannah O’Berry, junior, states. According to O’Berry, when she loves someone, she feels an intense feeling of deep affection towards them. O’Berry states she can tell when she loves someone because she feels completely different about family and close friends, then she does about anyone else she knows.  

     “To me, love means having immense joy for something or someone,” Emily Messick, junior, says. She explains that it is not just people you love, but you can also fall in love with a place, sport, music, and even words. She says just by being around someone you love or doing something you love is enjoyable and makes her days ten times better.  

     “I show others around me I love them by spending time with them, showing them I care about them, and just doing what they enjoy,” Messick states. She says that even doing small things, like remembering a small detail someone told you, or playing a game they like to play, goes a long way into showing someone you care for them.  

     “I think loving someone is caring very deeply about someone,” Will Cassidy, senior, says. According to Cassidy, when he loves someone, he tries to always be there for them, through anything and everything. “To show others I love them, I remember the details, like buying their favorite Chapstick for them, or spending time with them and putting them first,” Cassidy states.  

     “Love is a big deal, and many mistake the feeling of love for just simply liking someone, when in reality, love and like are two completely different things,” Cassidy states. Cassidy says that when you love someone, you will know.  

     “When I think of love, I feel warm, safe, and overall, the happiest I could be,” Madalyn Rutch, sophomore, says. Rutch states that she shows others she loves them by helping them, being there for them, making them food, and trying to show them I put effort into our relationship. Rutch says she is also really into inspirational quotes and sends them to people she loves all the time.  

     Rutch says “You can’t help who or what you fall in love with, it is a feeling you can’t control.”