Home is feeling; Not place

Grace Feldbush, Reporter

     Many think of home as a place, where they live, or where they grew up. But home isn’t always a place, it is a feeling of safety, security, and comfort. It is where you can be happiest.  

     Griffin Hevesy, junior says he feels that people in his life feel like home. “My family and my friends are who I feel most comfortable around, and that is where I feel like home, anywhere that I’m with them.”  

     “When I am with my people, I feel like I belong, and I think that is what tells me that those people are my home,” Hevesy states. He says he likes the feeling of comfort his friends and family make him feel.  

     Giavanni Barbarino sophomore says he feels at home on the football field with his team. “The field is where I feel the happiest, so I think that is where I feel most at home,” Barbarino states.  

     “I think it is good to have a place that feels like home that isn’t where you live because home should just be where you’re your best self,” Barbarino says.  

     Emily Messik, junior, says she feels most at home with her cheer team, and her dog. “My cheer team and my dog make me the happiest version of myself, and that is why I think they feel like home to me,” Messick states.  

     “Over the years the place I feel at home has changed,” Messick says. She says it used to be her family, and her house, but it has changed over the years as she has grown older and thinks it will change more and more the older, she gets and the more she matures.  

     Izzy Trovato, junior, says she feels most at home with her friends. “When I am with my friends, I have the most fun I ever have, and we are all so comfortable around each other. We aren’t afraid to be ourselves around each other and that is what makes me feel at home,” Trovato states.  

     “I think it is important to have people in your life that you are comfortable around and you get the feeling of being at home around,” Trovato states. She hopes everyone has people in her life like she does.  

     Madalyn Rutch, sophomore, says she feels at home at the beach. “The beach is my happy place; I love being there for so many reasons,” Rutch says. She says she loves the sunrises and sunsets, the view, the smell, the relaxing feeling she gets when she’s there, and just the whole beach feeling together.  

     “I wish I could stay at the beach forever, it is my favorite place,” Rutch says.