Catch 54: beautiful beach restaurant boasts Jaw dropping view, mouth watering food


     Catch 54 has mouth watering seafood along with a beautiful view of the Chesapeake Bay. If you are looking for a fantastic dinner in the Ocean City, Maryland area you will enjoy Catch 54. 

     This restaurant is located right on the bay; diners can even drive their boat up and order food right from the docks. They have a beautiful set up that can fit a lot of people. They also take reservations so you have no need to worry about wait times. Their food ranges from $15-$40. They have both cheaper options and more expensive options.  

     The restaurant is perfect for a family dinner or a date night. They also offer both outdoor and indoor seating depending on what you prefer and depending on the weather. 

     Catch 54 is known for their outstanding seafood options but they have an extensive menu with options for everyone. Their shrimp and grits option is scrumptious and is presented beautifully. The shrimp is grilled to perfection and the grits are mixed in with a delicious sauce that brings the entire dish together.   

     Their fish and chips are a great option for you or your children as well. The fish is simple but tastes amazing allowing your pickier eaters to enjoy. Their menu is full of options and it would be hard for you not to find something you would enjoy. 

      Catch 54 also has an amazing staff and service. Their restaurant is always clean and decorated to perfection. The service is fast and the staff is always pleasant and kind. If there was something messed up in your order don’t be afraid to tell your waiter something is wrong. The ambiance is beautiful and definitely gives off a beachy and warm vibe.  

Catch 54 is open 7 days a week. On weekdays they are open from 4:30-9PM and on weekends they are open from 12-10PM. 

      If you are looking for a great seafood restaurant in the Ocean City area, Catch 54 is a great option for you. It has an amazing menu and a beautiful view of the bay. You can even watch the sunset. Catch 54 is an amazing restaurant with mouthwatering food.