Clueless: Bad movie? As if!


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Alicia Silverstone stars in the ‘90s movie ‘Clueless’ leaving viewers delighted. Filmed in Beverly Hills, California, viewers see how a privileged popular girl lives day to day.


     Clueless is a 1995 romance comedy where Cher (Alicia Silverstone), learns about the real importance of life. While feeling totally “clueless”, Cher decides she wants to do good for the world, by using her social status.    

     Cher grew up into wealth and privilege, always getting what she wanted. Only living with her dad, she was used to doing stuff on her own or by her housemaid. In the beginning, Cher and her best friend Dionne (Stacey Dash), successfully bring together a match made in heaven. After doing this, Cher wanted to continue to do good for the world. A new girl comes to school and Cher automatically sees a challenge she is up for.  

     While focusing on getting the new girl to fit in, she has a confusing love life of her own. With tons of boys fawning over her, but just not the right one. She only realizes who she wants after being honest with herself, even though it might ruin everything.  

     This film directed by Amy Heckerling, has not only a good plot but other amazing features. The cinematography was unique and made you feel like you were on the journey with the characters. With a walking camera, you could feel the real experience with some scenes like Cher and Dionne walking in the high school hallways.  

     The music and sounds were appropriate for the era it was made in. The wardrobe is on point and is an exact representation of what the stereotypical person would wear. Anyone could tell every detail was thought through and all of the “trends” were made obvious.  

     The acting by everyone was impeccable including those who weren’t a main part. Silverstone managed to be charming, scatterbrained, yet annoying at the same time. Josh, played by Paul Rudd, was also the perfect amount of independent, standoffish, but also so passionate for those he cared about.  

     Although this production does have a funny/stereotypical tone to it, it is not advised for younger kids. There is some use of alcohol and drugs at parties, and a small amount of sex related dialogue. This movie is great for teens and adults if you want a laugh or are feeling lonely.  

     This movie does not feel dated and is a good film to watch with family/friends. The whole production was just outstanding and very impressive. You may see some of your favorite actors too, like Paul Rudd and Wallace Shawn. Clueless is a 10/10 and a ‘must watch’ type of movie. You have no CLUE what you’re missing out on!