Style inspiration in students; Unique outfits leaving marks

Riley Stoneback, Reporter

     Style can be used as a way to express yourself without having to say anything at all. 

     According to, one of the first things you judge a person by is the way they dress, whether consciously or subconsciously. Many people use this as a way to attract possible friends and make their own personal statements. 

     Freshman Madison Spangler gets inspiration from her friends and people she sees at school. 

     “I see a lot of people wearing different things and see what they wear and like to incorporate it into my outfits.” 

     Spangler says that she has many different styles she likes to use. “I like to layer things because it gives more depth to your outfit instead of just having a t-shirt and jeans. Sometimes it’s the simple things. My mom always says don’t do too much or else it will look too drastic, but sometimes the small changes can affect your outfit in a better way.” 

     Junior Audrey Letourneau agrees that layering makes up many of her outfits. “I usually like to do lots of layering because then I can wear the same stuff but make it look different each time.” 

     Layering is usually when a person wears clothes over other clothes. “It makes many outfits look interesting and cool, but really I’m just wearing something I’ve worn tons of other times.” 

     Letourneau went on to say “Honestly I just kind of put stuff together that I find in my closet.”

     While friends and family can affect what students choose to wear when they wake up in the morning, social media plays a huge factor in what choices many people make. 

     Freshman Alayna Shrodes says that TikTok influences her style. “TikTok and my friends probably influence my style the most. If I see one certain thing a lot and I think it’s cute and trendy, then I’ll want to wear it too.” 

     Freshman Emily Simmons also agrees that social media influences what outfits she likes wearing. “People on Instagram influence my style a lot. I like seeing what girls on Instagram are wearing, especially when I see something that a lot of people are wearing or something that catches my eye.” 

     Spangler agreed that “Whether it comes from social media outfits seen from influencers like Emma Chamberlain, or someone walking on the street, outfit inspiration is taken from everywhere and anything. I think everyone has their own style and tries to show their personality in a captivating and unique way.”