Marvel’s gift for holiday season ready for big screen; Spider-man: No Way Home released this December

ALEXA FALLS , Entertainment Editor

   The MCU is giving fans a gift on December 17, a new Spiderman movie. In No Way Home, Peter Parker’s identity as Spiderman is revealed to the world and he must find a way to fix his problem with the help of other superheroes. 

     English actor Tom Holland is starring as Parker in this film. Holland made his debut as Spiderman in Marvel’s Civil War, released in 2016, then starred in Spider-man: Homecoming in 2017. Junior Cole Younger says, “I really like The Amazing Spider-man 2 movie the most out of all the [Spiderman] movies.” He adds, “I think that all the movies have different characteristics of them [which] make them good, none of them are necessarily bad.” 

      As for his favorite Spiderman, Younger says, “Andrew Garfield was the best Spiderman so far.” He mentions, “I think Tom Holland is almost as good as Andrew at playing Spiderman […] I do think he will live up to my expectations as much as Andrew did [for this film].” Junior Ethan Jourdan mentions that his favorite Spiderman is played by Toby Maguire, “The Toby Maguire Spiderman is my personal favorite, he’s the one I grew up with and got attached to.” 

     He then adds, “In all honesty, I think Tom Holland is the best Spiderman, but my favorite will always be the one I grew up with.” Senior Laynie Sheahy’s favorite Spiderman is played by Garfield, “My personal favorite were the Andrew Garfield Spiderman films.” She says that in those older films, “The villains were better and the casting was well done.” 

     Hammond disagrees, mentioning “the new ones [movies] are better than the old ones in my opinion. The [special] effects and stunts make it seem more real; it also includes some humor in the newer ones which I like.” Sheahy says that “even if Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield aren’t in the movie, Tom Holland will do a good job with [the] lead role.” 

     Jourdan’s favorite trait about Spiderman and the movies is, “how humanizing Spiderman can be. He [Parker] is someone whose personality is very realistic, it helps to relate to his character.” Sophomore Emma Hammond agrees, “I like the way that Spiderman is portrayed [as] funny, dumb, brave, and empathetic.”  

      Jourdan predicts that, “all previous Spidermen [will] make an appearance, dragging their villains into this universe.” Sheahy mentions how the plot was better in the older Spiderman films, but adds, “This plot line about the multiverse looks very interesting.”