Red (Taylor’s Version) released; Fans love Swift’s second re-recorded album

ALEXA FALLS , Entertainment Editor

    On November 12 of this year, American singer songwriter Taylor Swift released her newest album, Red (Taylor’s Version). This is her second re-recorded album, along with Fearless (Taylor’s Version). 

     The country and pop artist recreated her fourth studio album, Red, through Republic Records. This album includes 30 tracks, including unreleased songs from the time she recorded Red for the first time, which was in 2012. These songs are labeled as tracks “from the vault.” 

      Although Swift’s music style has changed over the years, shifting from country to mostly pop, she includes instrumentals that combine the two genres. 

     Junior Logan Chapman says that Red (Taylor’s Version) is one of his favorite albums, “because I feel like it’s a revised version of all the songs Taylor has done over the years.” He adds, “I feel like there’s a lot more emotion and message being the songs now that she’s grown up and singing it for a second time.” He also prefers her remade albums compared to the originals. 

      Chapman always associated Swift love and breakups, “but after listening to just a few of her songs, I realize that there can be some deep, eroded meaning behind some of the songs.” His favorite Swift songs are 22 (Taylor’s Version), Red (Taylor’s Version), and Wildest Dreams at the moment. 

     Freshman Mollie Fialcowitz says that her favorites right now are All Too Well, I Bet You Think About Me, and Red, which are all on Red (Taylors Version). She says that the 10-minute version of All Too Well “is such a great song and tells a story.” This is the same for I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version). As for the track Red (Taylor’s Version), she says, “I’ve loved this song since forever and it will never get old to me.”  

     Fialcowitz has been a fan of Swift for about two to three years, but she has listened to Swift her whole life. Like Chapman, she prefers her remade albums as well, “[they are] in her own name and are newer.” This album is one of her favorites along with Speak Now and Lover.

       Junior Emilie Frank has listened to Swift for, “forever, ever since her country songs. I used to listen to her even when I was little.” Unlike Chapman and Fialcowitz, she says, “I like her original albums better. The instruments in the background I think are different but her singing is pretty similar, I would listen to either [re-recorded or original].”

     Her favorite songs are Picture to Burn, champagne problems, and the 10-minute version of All Too Well. Even though she hasn’t listened to all of Red (Taylor’s Version), she loves the original Red album, “so I’m sure I’ll like it.”