Long awaited release of Stranger Things; New season makes its way out

noel bailey, Op/ed editor

 Season four, volume one of Stranger Things came out on May 27 after fans waited about three years for this new season to make it to Netflix. The second volume comes out on July 1, which will include two more episodes for this season. 

     Volume two will include an over-an-hour-long episode, with the last episode of this season being two and a half hours long. The new season took two years of filming and around one year of editing with CGI. 

     This is the second to last season of the show, fans believe. There is controversy going on with the fans of the series, if the show’s volume two of season four is going to count as season five, since Stranger Things only has a 5 season contract with Netflix. This theory has neither been confirmed or denied by Netflix.

     The show has a continuous plot of a group of kids fighting creatures from another dimension called “the upside down” which carries on into season four. The ending of volume one of this newest season ended on a plot twist that was not expected, left many questions unanswered, and had lots of cliffhangers as to what’s going to happen next. 

     Sophomore Bella Brockmeyer, “really loves[s]” the new season. “I like this season more because it’s creepy,” Brockmeyer says. This season, a new creature was introduced named “Vecna.” Brockmeyer, “liked the idea of Vecna and I love the horror aspect.” Brockmeyer also has the character Steve Harrington as her favorite for this season and previous ones. 

     Sophomore Cole Hellwig is also a fan of Stranger Things, who also enjoyed this season along with the rest of the fans. “I like the new focus on the Dungeons and Dragons element, making it a bigger deal,” Hellwig said. With the series taking a couple years to release new seasons, fans began to feel upset with the long production. “It met my expectations but took way too long to release,” Hellwig said. 

     The plot twist had many fans speechless. “I really liked the twist at the end, it caught me off guard and keeps the series fresh,” Hellwig said. The show includes lots of fan favorite characters, especially the character Steve for Hellwig. “He remained my favorite character from previous seasons and will always be a babysitter in my heart.”