Save date for this year’s prom; Get your dresses, suits ready

Noel Bailey , Op/Ed editor

 The start of prom season is already here. Students are shopping around for their dresses and suits, or already have them. Some are also figuring out if they are going with or without a date. 

     NH’s prom is on April 29 starting at 7 p.m. It’s held at Valley View Mansion. 

     SGA presidents Mrs. Kimberly Iddings and Mrs. Megan Fries are the adults in charge of this year’s prom and are in the process of putting it together. 

     This year’s theme is “Puttin on the Ritz,” which was determined by our juniors on SGA. The theme means “old Hollywood,”  according to Fries. 

     The color of the theme is red, black, and gold. Dressing up to match the theme is not needed; the reason why we have a theme as a school is to coordinate how to decorate Valley View for photo ops and just for show. 

     According to Fries, “they have been having prom at Valley View Mansion since I was in school.” 

     A lot of students are starting to, or have been, stressing over prom, worrying about what to wear, who they are going with, where they are taking their prom pictures, etc. The build-up is exciting but stressful, especially for the juniors or students who haven’t been before. 

     Junior Katrina Wrinkler said, “I got my dress from Windsor.” Junior Sara Ford got her dress from a Windsor store as well. The closest Windsor to North Harford High School is in Towson Town Center. 

     Another popular place to visit is The Teal Antler in Forest Hill. Students who purchase their dresses from this store, provide their name, their school name, and the dress name.  Senior Janie Evans got her dress from Teal Antler.  Janie said, “I liked my experience there; it was a very welcoming environment.” 

     Other students have gone far for their dresses. Junior Lily Evans went out to Delaware to a store called Cecile Boutique. 

     According to the top five spots in Harford County to take prom pictures are Rock State Park, Susquehanna State Park, Maryland Susquehanna River Bridge, Marina Pier, and the Amtrak Bridge.

     Promposals started around 2001, according to Promposals usually consist of a person making a big gesture of asking their partner. It usually consists of a big poster, flowers, and or sweet treats. 

     According to a recent poll, 15% of students at our school would like to have a promposal, while 85% of students would not like a promposal, out of 161 people.