Thrilling three sport freshman

Charlotte McElwain, Hawks Reporter

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Being a freshman is hard as is; with all the school work, new and more challenging classes, and the fear of upperclassman. Some of those freshies can do it all, while playing fall, winter, and spring sports, but many still struggle.

    Some people may have the misconception that athletes are just a bunch of meat heads; but at NHHS, all athletes must have passing grades to join a high school sport. And during the season, if a student has a failing grade they will be excused from the team. Madison Pawlukovich part of soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. Pawlukovich shared, “I think I get better grades because I play sports, it makes me stay on top of all my school work because I know I need to get good grades so I don’t get kicked of the team.”

    But is still is a lot of work; trying to juggle practice, games, other clubs, and still have time to study for that big test coming up. Lily Macatee is a member of the soccer, basketball, and varsity lacrosse team and has learned how to manage her busy schedule. Macatte stated, “ It is super hard and at first I hardly got any sleep. But toward the end of Basketball, I learned how to get everything in order.” She also said, “ Sometime i wouldn’t get home until really late and i would have to stay up to do all of my homework”

    Playing three sports isn’t all stress, it can also help you meet different people from all four grades. Cole Jirsa plays soccer, basketball, and baseball for the North Harford Hawks. “It was easier to make friends because i know a lot of people from sports.” Many people who play the same sports together can form lasting friendships that you can carry throughout the years. Even though Jirsa is on JV, he still encounters sophomores that can guide him on both athletic and scholastic endeavors.      

   Playing on a Hawks team is a privilege, not a right; if you want to participate, one must have their school work all together before you can hit the field. But once everything is in order, sports can provide a family that will always have your back on-and-off the court.  Even though being the super star on the court or being a beast on the field, even the freshman understand that none of that compares to ones academic achievement in the classroom.

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