Young team fields success

Hailey Deares, SSC Editor

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According to Coach Mark Filliagi, the JV football team’s homecoming victory over C Milton Wright was the football program’s first win on the turf since its renovation. JV football has a 4-3 record and team is lead by team captains freshman Nick Ciampaglio and sophomore Jeff Rhoten.

Ciampaglio starts on both sides of the ball and is defined as being “hardworking and humble” by other players on the team. He stood out ACCORDING TO WHOM????  when he came to all the preseason workouts from the start. The athlete said being a captain requires a lot of respect for teammates and consideration and said he “naturally tries to get everyone to work together.” The freshman described his experience as “weird” because “you still have to respect sophomores but they also give you respect back because you’re captain.”

Captain Jeff Rhoten said being chosen to lead the team is “an honor.” He said he feels his job is to lead the team and get the team fired up before games. The athlete said everyone knows when he’s on the field because he always gives 110%.

The team’s success this season can be credited to their “increase in confidence”  according to freshman Garrett Reinecke. Reinecke, who has been playing football since he was very young said, “At first we started out as strangers and playing not our best but now we communicate and play better,” and added JV football was better than rec football because of how close the team is.

From their first game where they got overtaken by Hereford 30-0 to winning against C Milton 20-0, the team has definitely grown. Ciampaglio stated, “We couldn’t move the ball at the beginning of the season but now we can run the same play and the defense can’t stop it.” The teams improvements have been showcased in their recent amount of wins against C Milton Wright, Aberdeen, Fallston and Patterson Mill.  Another big game was Fallston because they had lost the game last year. Rhoten said “there’s nothing [he] wanted more than to beat Fallston”.


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