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Junior Kassie Reeves is a student who classifies herself as both a blogger and vlogger. Her content is driven by her major hobby, horseback riding. Reeves said her blogs reflect her performance at her most recent horse shows. After returning from each show, she writes down the important details of said show and post them to a certain website along with simply discussing the events of the show.
The junior said these posts often include the “errors she makes in competition and where she places” so that she can “look back upon them to help her learn from past mistakes and correct them in the future.” Most of Reeves’ vlogs are about promoting various products by multiple companies for which she is an ambassador and sponsor, which she currently includes nearly eight unnamed private companies.
Some of her vlogs are also about here growing skills in horseback riding. All the vlogs created by Reeves are available to watch on YouTube.
Other Hawks have developed vlogs that feature different hobbies, including junior Sam Sgambelluri. Prior to having a major hobby in music, Sgambelluri mainly focused on producing vlogs. The vlogs never had much of a main topic aside from a having a subtle focus on his personal life, according to Sgambelluri, who added “they[the vlogs] slowly became more music-oriented” as he transitioned to his new hobby.
Some students who haven’t started vlogging and/or blogging but are considering it. Junior Julie Ament is one of those students. Ament has a large interest in the fashion industry. She thinks “that modeling and showing off clothes and outfits she personally enjoys” and it is something she might be interested in doing. Ament also feels that it [vlogging] would be more for the fun factor than the profit.