Coaches perspective and tips about preparing for fall tryouts


     There are many things to do to prepare for fall tryouts. Some coaches from North Harford High School give students tips on how to be the best athletes they can be and how to have confidence going into tryouts.

    JV volleyball coach Mrs. Barb Mathews says that anyone that has fall tryouts coming up should run over the summer, go online and find drills that can be done at home, and do 30 minutes of exercise every day. She also adds that her most important tip to the student athletes would be have confidence.  “It’s hard to get, go in wanting to be on the team.”

    Coaching boys JV volleyball is Mr. Andrew Thomson and he has some similar views but also new advice. Coach says any athlete should take any chance they can to play the sport along with attending a summer camp at a local university. He continues to give his advice by saying, “Come to tryouts with the right attitude, you want to be confident and a hard worker, but remember the people around you might be your teammates and you need to work together.”

    Varsity volleyball coach Mr. Ron Sadtler gives his piece of advice which is, “Practice hard in the offseason and the results will speak for themselves.” Along with, making sure to keep your grades up.

    “The least beneficial thing you can do is nothing. Put the TRY in tryout! You can’t worry about everyone else and what they can and cannot do, focus on doing your best and giving your best,” Noted, varsity girls’ volleyball, basketball, and softball coach, Mrs. Edmonds.

    Mrs. Wendy Edmonds also has a few things to say involving having the right attitude. “It’s up to you whether that attitude is positive or negative, but it will affect you 100% of the time.  A positive attitude helps you with energy, enthusiasm, and effort and ALL of those things will help you with performance!”