Seniors take on juniors

Leigha Macburney, Reporter

 Down, set, score. On November 13, at 6pm, senior and junior girls had it out on the football field during the annual Filly Football game. 

   According to some of the participants, many of those on the field were returning from their junior year, but a few, like senior Shani McNamara, are a first-time draft to the team. 

      McNamara stated that she expected more plays to be run during practices. She added that she was nervous she going to mess up but that it didn’t stop her excitement.

     Seniors  Genevieve Siegmund and Vanessa Fitzgerald both stated that they couldn’t  “wait to hit the field to kick some junior butt.” Siegmund added that she was full of excitement because the practices were fun, and they learned a lot of new plays. Fitzgerald said she was more excited that her “mommy[was] coming” to watch her play. 

     The junior team was made up of all new drafts,  and participant Hannah Scheide mentioned that she was “disappointed by the junior turnout.”  Eleventh graders Jillian Powell and Danielle Becker both thought that the practices were helpful and a great length, but Powell chuckled about the experience and mentioned “it would be nicer to have someone who knows how to play football.” 

     The junior team only had two subs on the bench but Jenna Heim couldn’t play because she didn’t get her physical in on time. Heim stated that she has always wanted to play as a freshman and sophomore but that since she is ineligible to play that she is still going to support the girls.

     Scheide mentioned that she “really wants to beat the seniors” but her teammate Powell pointed out that the “seniors always win but thinks they should win because it’s their last year.”  Senior Sydney Altman believes that the game is rigged for the seniors to win.

     The game was tied 0-0 until the last few minutes of the game when the juniors got a touchdown making the game 0-6. A flag was thrown on the play for excessive celebration giving the seniors 30 seconds to have a comeback. Twelfth grader Hailey Deares got a touchdown for the seniors tying the game 6-6. To break the tie Coach Beugel and Coach Martinek played the best of three rounds of rock paper scissors and the senior coach came away with the win for this team.