Dancing towards normalcy; Parents plan winter formal for upperclassmen

To give the students something to be happy about, Mrs. Hahn as organized a dance! The dance will be rescheduled if necessary.

Melissa Hahn

To give the students something to be happy about, Mrs. Hahn as organized a dance! The dance will be rescheduled if necessary.

Greer Strine, Sports Editor

     With school being virtual, sports being postponed, and the rest of school activities being in jeopardy depending on what happens with the coronavirus, things like Homecoming, are not happening this year. 

     Thanks to a parent volunteer, a winter formal is being planned and held this coming December, for juniors and seniors. North Harford nor HCPS has sponsored this event and its being completely planned and run by parents and students. 

     Mrs. Malissa Hahn, a parent of a current junior, took it upon herself to plan a formal for the current upperclassman. Hahn states, “So many things have been taken away from our kids because of the pandemic. So many are struggling with virtual school and the new normal, I just wanted to give them something they can look forward to, something they can have fun with their friends and get together for a little bit of normal in all of this craziness.”

     However, unlike Homecoming and Prom, NHHS is not sponsoring this event. In order to maintain CDC guidelines as well as the health and safety of the attendees, “We will have a permission slip and waiver, which must be signed by all attendees and their parents. Students will also be asked to wear masks unless eating or drinking. Temperature checks will occur at the door, and hand sanitizer stations will be set up in the hallway when you check in,” according to Hahn.

     Normally, Homecoming usually costs around $15, but this dance is not held at NH, it is at Deer Creek Overlook. The winter formal will cost $20. However, there will be food and drinks. Hahn states, “Our limit is 175 people, including 15 parent chaperones. So, that leaves 160 tickets for each dance. I want everyone to be included, but unfortunately it is first come first served.” 

     However as of Nov. 12, after the new announcement by Governor Hogan, Hahn states, “If he cut capacity down to 50 percent, that would mean 125 students.” Although with the pandemic guidelines and restrictions are changing by the day, Hahn added, “If I have to change the date or whatever I would have to change, I will most definitely change it to be able to still have it, but that is a last resort.”

     This dance is exclusively for upperclassmen, meaning there will be one night for the juniors and one night for the seniors. Hahn said that the juniors will attend on Dec. 11 and the seniors on Dec. 12. Both nights will take place in the evening from 6 until 10.

     “This dance is being chaperoned by parents and both parents and students are helping plan this dance. We will also have a Winter Formal King and Queen. The students will be voting for them at the dance. When tickets are purchased and they send an email, their nominations can be included in there as well,” Hahn added. 

     “Along with the class of 2020, the current senior class have both lost so much of their senior year experience to COVID,” Hahn states. “Both junior and seniors have already lost so much so far. I think that they have worked so hard and have lost many of their high school experiences because of the pandemic. I just want to give them something back,” she comments.