Taking the field for spring season; Boys’ and girls’ lacrosse prepares

KENDALL SCHUBERT, Business Manager

     Students returning to school on March 15 allowed for student athletes to have a spring sports season, boys and girls lacrosse being one of those sports taking the field. 

    It was announced in late February that starting on March 1 sports could commence for preseason training. Then on March 15 the sports could officially start tryouts and practice. Players had the option to participate in preseason training or could wait until tryouts officially started. 

      Dylan Jablon, senior, said “preseason and tryouts were similar to every other year, [but] not having a locker room and wearing masks are the biggest differences.” Mikey Rote, junior, says that “preseason was fast paced and upbeat.” 

       Jodylynn Cadden, sophomore, agrees with the boys that “they were only a little different from all the covid precautions.” Kendall Fortune, sophomore, explains that last year during preseason and tryouts they were “more intense with running and drills,” and that they were two months instead of two weeks. 

      Fortune describes that playing during a pandemic is a different feel because of all the regulations and protocols that the players and coaches have to follow. She says, “we are all doing the best we can and enjoying every minute we get to play.” 

       The boys are focusing on playing against Fallston for their first game, says  Josh Etzel, senior. Jablon expresses that he “doesn’t know who the biggest competition will be but [he’s] most looking forward to Fallston.” Matthew Biedermann,senior, agrees it’ll be Fallston because of “our rivalries.” 

       Fortune believes the girls’ biggest competition this year will be against C. Milton Wright. She has heard from upperclassmen that “it has always been a good match,” and the team is “excited to put in the work and to lead a result of a win.” She was excited to play them last year before the season was cancelled.

       Cadden led the point of view that her biggest competition will be “[her]self and [her] teammates.” This is because she is always pushing herself to be a better player and her teammates help her work harder every day, she explains.

        This season Fortune is most looking forward to “playing games with [her] teammates.” She says she “can’t wait to incorporate [their] defensive plays and defensive tactics so that the team can play to the best of their abilities.” 

         Fortune goes on to continue that games are “so much fun and practice is exciting.” However, she can’t pick one thing that she’s most excited about because “the whole season is going to be a blast.”

         “I am most looking forward to this season because I love the game of lacrosse and I get to play it with a great group of girls and have fun all at the same time.” expresses Cadden.

      Find the teams schedule on County Sports Zone, game results are posted to as well after the games have been finalized.