Girls volleyball hits fall season; Team boasts undefeated 2-0 record

Riley Stoneback, Reporter

     Varsity girls volleyball has started, and they’ve started strong according to Coach Barbara Matthews.  

     The team this year is coached by Matthews, with team captains Gabby Gast, Tonya Marks, and Laney Shay. There are 14 total games in the season, two of which have been played as of September 21. The team is currently undefeated, with wins against both Harford Technical High School and North East High School. There are 12 more games, 6 at home and 6 away.

     The girls have been showing promise since the beginning of the season, according to their coach. Matthews said, “The season has been going well. I’m very pleased with the teamwork that we have and that the players just mesh well together.” 

     Covid has had a huge impact on each of these girls’ athletic seasons. Because volleyball is played indoors, there was virtually no practice or meetings held last season.  

     Matthews said, “They’ve adjusted very well. They are super excited to have a season, which makes them work harder and get along very well as far as teammates can to have a winning season… Not having a season last year has pushed them to do better this year. They are training very hard, and they want to have practice every day, even if I have to cancel for some reason.” 

     Some players are standing out on the court, whether for their skill or positive attitude according to Matthews. 

     Returning players that have made their mark this season include Morgan Buckland, Tonya Marks, Sierra McManus, Gabby Gast, and Laney Shay. 

     Junior Isabella Singh is also described as a “promising new player that came from another county. She has really gotten along well with our team and is definitely a team leader and has pulled us all together.” 

     The girls on the team say they have been pushing themselves and setting goals for themselves to achieve each practice, whether it be something very important or a small technical problem. 

     Some important and action-packed games of the season are coming up fast. 

     Coach Matthews said, “…. Cecil County teams are always our tough teams. I don’t know what they do in Cecil County, but it is usually a very good competition. Patterson Mill has proven to also be a challenging team. We had a scrimmage against them and lost three to one… so I think Patterson Mill is going to be our tough match of this year.” 

     The team said the student sections at the games have been pumping up the girls and getting them excited for games, whether pumping them up before the game starts or during the games with great cheering.  

     Coach Matthews, along with all the girls, said they are very excited for this season and where it goes. They hope to be able to keep working hard and playing well together.