How has it felt coming back after not having a season last year?

Riley Stoneback, Reporter


Wyatt Ralph, Junior, Varsity Football 

“I think it’s going pretty good considering that two years ago we went 3-6 overall and now we’re starting out the season 2-0 undefeated. Kind of working our way back up. The team overall looks pretty good for not playing in a year. Hopefully we can have as many wins as the season before and just show that we’re a better team than before. I think we’re doing pretty good especially after Covid.”

Austin Smith, Junior, Varsity Boys Soccer 

“It’s fun to be back in school and it’s fun to play soccer again because I get to see all my teammates from my freshman year. The season is going good so far. We have a couple of hard games coming up and hopefully we win them. We do have a pretty good team this year which is good.” 

Autumn Tagliaferri, Junior, Varsity Field Hockey 

“It feels incredible just to be out there with all my best friends all playing the same sport that we all love. I think that we’re going to have a really good season because we have a really good team with lots of kind and skilled girls who I think are all going to work really well together.” 

Kian Pucher, Junior, Varsity Boys Soccer 

“It was really annoying not having a season because other counties all had seasons for fall sports but nobody else did in Harford County. The season right now is doing pretty good. We have one loss, but you know it happens. We’re going to bounce back and come back and hopefully go far in the championship.”