Advice to incoming freshman

Ashley Haley, Reporter

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“Make sure to know what you’re talking about, find real friends, grades are actually important, and to take advantage of Hawks Soar.” – Tylar Kight, freshman


“I wish I would have known that I shouldn’t procrastinate because when I turn things in at the last minute, when I crammed everything, they’re not good quality work and I don’t get as well of grades.” – Elena Schell, freshman


“I wish I would’ve known my teachers better, because I didn’t get to come to the open house, so I didn’t know where their rooms were.” -Charlie Canapp, freshman


“I wish I would’ve known just more about the school and where everything is, because it’s kind of hard to know where classes are.” -Jeff Rhoten, freshman


“Don’t be scared to ask upperclassmen for help.” -Sarah Nevin, freshman


“I wish I knew about the finals because I would’ve kept a lot of my work and stuff, I didn’t really know how those worked, so I kind of got rid of some of my work.” -Josh Parsons, freshman


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Advice to incoming freshman