Yearbook to add new feature;  HP Reveal showcases video footage

Garrett Sturgill, Reporter

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As technology is advancing, the products created at school advance as well. This year’s yearbook staff has added a component that will make the yearbook experience a multi- dimensional one.

HP Reveal, formerly known as Auras, will assist in creating moments that students can relive by simply scanning a barcode that will take a student from a picture to a video that captures a related moment.

Yearbook staff member Hunter Meisz  said the addition of this feature will “.. help us really remember everything that occurs in high school….”

Junior Ariel Limpert agrees that “having this feature really does allow more interaction.”  She suggests that  “before, you would just look at a photo and think ‘that was cool.’ Now, you can watch the video and relive the thrill of just being there and the excitement we all had. It’s so cool to see the moment over again.”

Being able to access these additional memories is as simple as scanning the barcode by using a barcode reader app or even Snapchat.  “Either one lets you experience the moment again and I think it’s pretty cool,” said Meisz.

As the general population of students at NH are beginning to hear about the HP Reveal/Arasma feature, the response has generally been positive.

“You can just scan a barcode in the yearbook and it pulls up a video?” said sophomore Dylan Kapustensky. “I remember only looking through yearbooks to make fun of my friends and look back at how gross I was. The fact they can just incorporate a barcode is awesome,” claimed Kapustensky.

Junior Dylan Torbit agrees.  “I like things that are more interactive because if I’m just looking through a yearbook full of people I don’t know, then I get bored,” Torbit stated. “…I can look at stuff like the pep rallies, homecoming, prom, and everything I went through this year with my friends,” Torbit also added that he “liked the yearbook reveal on the announcements.  I thought that was pretty funny.”

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Yearbook to add new feature;  HP Reveal showcases video footage