Among Us; New online game gains popularity

Kensington Boyanich, Reporter

The uproar of the new free mobile game, Among Us, is nearly impossible to escape. Out of 67 students surveyed 50 have played the game (75%) The game is about doing tasks while one or two people are trying to kill you. You are giving short amounts of time to talk out who you believe is the murderer and vote them off, much like the popular party game Mafia.  

     Among Us is an online multiplayer game developed by American game studio, InnerSlothThe game was released on June 15, 2018 but lately has gained traction as well-known influencers have started playing it and streaming their gameplay. Many popular Twitch streamers including Ninja and XQC have given the game momentum with their large audience watching. 

     The game allows player to either play online with random people or with friends using a private code. It has a chat option if you are online and you can have a voice call in the background talking with your friends. You must mute yourself and not talk to others while the game is going and can only have a short amount of time to try and determine and vote out who you think the imposter is.  The people who are dead cannot talk to the others and say who killed them so you must use evidence you have and try to figure out through peoples voices who the imposter is. 

     Many students have also hopped on the bandwagon of this popular game playing it with their friends. Sophomore Michael Allen says that, “my friend told me to get it and play with them.” Allen says it reminds him of other games he plays like “terrorist town.” Sophomore Riley Campbell has also started playing it she says, “I played it because everyone was talking about it and made it sound really fun.  What makes it fun is that your able to interact with different people or your friends while you play. It also makes you second guess everything when trying to determine the imposter.” 

       The game has a feature to customize you character choosing the color you want and a hat to wear. You can also purchase an outfit and a pet that follows you around during the game and sits where you died. This allows users to be more interactive and create a bond with a certain style of character they want to make it feel more like them.   

      The game has also been popularized on the trending app TikTok with users drawing their characters, creating plushies, and even cosplaying as the characters from the game. The game has peaked at a time where people are thinking about Halloween, so players have decided to dress up as their characters, wearing a one-color jumpsuit and a space helmet that matches that color.