Plant classes captured certification; Testing to become professional horticulturist


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    Mrs. Erika Edwards took her plant classes to Annapolis, Md to take the CPH exams, a test that when passed allows individuals to be identified as certified professional horticulturist.

    There are two parts of the exam.“The CPH exam is one multiple choice section and an identification section.There are 150 questions on the multiple choice I believe and 50 identification. In order to pass the multiple choice section you have to get a 70 or above and to pass the identification section you have to get 27.6 correct,” out of the 50 given said junior Jay Sondhi.

    According to the junior, the students traveled to the Maryland Department of Agriculture. The test can take up to 2 hours sometimes. The multiple choice contains questions pertaining the maintenance of certain plants in certain conditions and general plant knowledge. She added the test “covers a lot of topics and it has some stuff on customer satisfaction and land management,” says Sondhi.

     Junior Kara Kramer passed both parts of the CPH test on her first try she says earning her title of a Certified Professional Horticulturist will bring her many opportunities in her future. “I plan on doing something involving plants so obtaining this title would help me further my education in the plant world and my career.” The junior says she always loved plants which inspired her to actually join the plant program at North Harford.

    Junior Meghan Bundick is in her second year of the plant program; the junior is not yet a certified professional horticulturist but she plans to get it the next time around. She believes, “getting my certification will help me in some way in the long run it will come in handy at some point.”

    Sondi added “the CPH test may be really extra hard and sometimes seem impossible… but you can get it to open your own business as a certified professional horticulturist and take over the plant world.”


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