Revisiting the classics: Micheal Jordan

Lilli Greco, Reporter

 The Last Dance, a documentary about basketball star Micheal Jordan, has done extremely well in a time without live sports television. The show is broken down into episodes and covers the 1997-98 season for the Chicago Bulls, while also bringing back the team’s history and Micheal Jordan’s own life and experiences. The series brings light to the behind the scenes aspect of those famed seasons and victories. 

     And things get real.

     This documentary is a little more than PG-13 with all the f-bombs thrown around. Granted, players and coaches cuss a lot, especially during stressful games and situations, and since the goal of the documentary is to be true to the reality of the story, none of it is cut out unless it’s actually irrelevant. 

     Some of the documentary also makes Jordan look like a little bit of a jerk. And it’s not just the cursing bits. They really stick true to the story – showing even when Jordan punched another teammate and skipped out on a White House visit to go golfing with a drug lord. It’s a break from the constant pedestal Jordan is put on as the best basketball player in the world and shows a little bit of his actual humanity. 

     The documentary also talks about his baseball career – a part of his life that was highly controversial as people thought it was some kind of conspiracy. But this documentary shows that his baseball career was actually planned, and reasoned behind. Jordan’s father had always wanted him to play baseball. There was no overarching conspiracy about taking over the sports industry.

     Overall, it’s a nice look back on a classic story in times when people need to be reminded of the good things in life. And it helps to clear up some of the rumors and negativity surrounding Jordan’s career.